Watermelon Xylophone from Butiki Teas – Tea Review

Watermelon Xylophone is a white organic silver needle tea with amaranth and organic watermelon flavoring. This tea comes from Butiki Teas, a great online loose leaf tea seller.

I love melon teas. Watermelon Xylophone is on my list of my favorite teas.

watermelon xylophone from butiki teas - Oolong Owl tea review

I practice brazilian jiu jitsu – from that, I was introduced to Watermelon juice. Amazing stuff!

After a ragged, sweaty jiu jitsu class, I get home and make watermelon juice. I would get all sticky and gross cutting up watermelon and squeezing out the juice with my gracie juice bag. Totally worth it! The result is delicious, refreshing juice that hits the spot!

However, I can’t have watermelon juice all the time. Watermelon can be expensive, depending on the time of year. Watermelon Xylophone? Next best thing.

DRY LEAF: Beautiful presentation of tea here – pretty pink petals and fuzzy bits snuggled in white tea.

watermelon xylophone from butiki teas - Oolong Owl tea review

STEEPED: Watermelon Xylophone steeps up to a light golden colour, smelling like sweet watermelon juice. I think this tea would look amazing in a glass tea travel mug or glass pot. Unfortunately  I don’t  have the patience for that today – I wanna just get this tea steep and be sipping away ASAP.

watermelon xylophone from butiki teas - Oolong Owl tea review

How does this tea taste? Like this:

watermelon xylophone from butiki teas - Oolong Owl tea review

Okay okay, I kid!

TASTE: Unsweetened, Watermelon Xylophone tastes like crisp, juicy fresh watermelon with a soft floral hint to it. The silver needle tea is delicately soft and sweet, working well with the watermelon. The tea is nicely naturally honey-like sweet. No bitterness or tartness.

As seen on the packaging, Butiki Tea recommends this tea with a little sweetener.

watermelon xylophone (3)Makes 12 cups of awesome

With a couple lumps of rock sugar, Watermelon Xylophone turns into watermelon juice, in tea form. The melon pops out stronger creating a wonderfully crystal juicy tea.

TIP: Don’t underleaf this tea. I’ve done this before to stretch out my tea but it really weakens the watermelon flavor.

COMMENTS: I love watermelon teas, but interestingly I don’t like watermelon candies – artificial watermelon tastes like dirty socks to me, so teas using natural flavoring really are amazing!

Watermelon Xylophone? Very delicious tea! I love the silver needle white used here – just a perfect blend that will make all melon lovers happy! Or real watermelons jealous…

watermelon xylophone - butiki teas - oolong owl tea review

If you love watermelon or looking for a good, juicy fresh white tea blend, check out Butiki Teas!

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