May 2016 White2Tea Club – 6 Black Tea Comparison

For the May 2016 White2Tea club we got 6 different black teas, two of them freshly 2016. The teas are: Little Red, Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong Spring 1 (aka Lapsang Souchong), Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong Spring 2, Black Buddha, Wild Tree Black, and Black Meizhan. I started off the morning drinking a TanYang black and then in the afternoon I thought, “Hey, I feel like more black tea, why don’t I drink all of these White2Tea club blacks together?” Brillant idea, especially since I got six 60ml gaiwans. I did not think of the consequences… Dry Leaf Little Red has a … Continue reading, hoot!

Thai Iced Tea Ice Cream by Full Tilt Ice Cream

Besides checking out the local tea and yarn shops, when I’m in a new area I like to try the ice cream. I found it interesting how ice cream differs between countries and states – Utah being the most crazy with lots of great local ice cream and ice cream sections in the supermarket 2-3 times bigger than ones in Southern California! When checking out the Seattle ice cream, I discovered lots of coffee ice cream (bleh), Marionberry and how Tilliamok ice cream is crazy good. They also have lots of pint sized ice creams from smaller companies with really neat … Continue reading, hoot!

Unsmoked Lapsang Souchong from 3 Leaf

Today’s review is a newer offering from 3 Leaf – a seller that has expanded a loose leaf tea line. When I was introduced to them, they did pretty good flavored matchas. I was excited to see Unsmoked Lapsang Souchong. Unsmoked Lapsang Souchong is an uncommon find. “Regular” Lapsang Souchong is a very common find in most loose leaf tea shops here in North America as it is a very western taste bud friendly tea. I know many people who love the intense smokey flavor, plus Lapsang Souchong is one of the most common teas to cook with. If you … Continue reading, hoot!

Hooty Tea Travels – Perennial Tea Room in Seattle Pike Place Market

I came across this tea shop by accident while I was touring Pike Place Market. It looked quite busy (as Pike Place Market on a sunny weekend is crazy packed with people), so I came back on a week day while I was in the area. Perennial Tea Room is located in the Post Alleyway, just up half a block from the main Pike Place Market. You can’t miss it if you are walking down the hill to Pike Place Market, or wandering around the area. Perennial Tea Room has been there for 26 years! The staff at Perennial Tea Room were … Continue reading, hoot!

Pique Tea Crystals – Tea Review

Pique Tea Crystals is an interesting new organic tea product – it is tea that has been brewed, then crystallized. Pique is packaged in individual servings, making for a convenient tea on the go, all you need is a vessel and water. Steeping Instructions I followed the instructions, which was 1 packet, to 8oz/1cup/250ml of hot water. They didn’t specify water temperature so I figured I would just use these instant tea packets as if I was in the wild, so around 200F water. I already failed with instructions and with the first attempt I added the Pique Tea Crystals to a … Continue reading, hoot!

05 Keemun Congfu from Joseph Wesley Black Tea – Tea Review

I always recommend Joseph Wesley Black Teas for people who want really good black tea. I put in order a few months back for one of their beautifully handmade chawans, but also snagged their 05 Keemun Congfu. More packaging! I always enjoy Joseph Wesley’s packaging. Dry Leaf and Steeping Instructions Joseph Wesley’s 05 Keemun Congfu has thin delicate leaves with odd gold tip. The scent of this tea is strong, heady, and fruity. I am in the process of finding a good ratio for steeping blacks, and turns out there is very little info out there on how to gongfu a … Continue reading, hoot!

52 Teas 2015 Holiday Teas – Tea Review

52 Teas had a Holiday tea kickstarter a few months back and I was able to preorder for the entire set! All the teas sounded pretty good – Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire, Eggnog Chai, Gingerbread Houjicha, Cranberry Orange Cider Rooibos, and Peppermint Marshmallow Melting in Hot Chocolate. It looks like you can still purchase the teas at 52 Teas from their Holiday Tea section, but you’ll want to act fast as they are seasonal teas. I wasn’t in a Christmas mood until this week, so now I finally got around to sampling the entire lineup (barring I drank 2 of … Continue reading, hoot!

Christmas Spice Black Tea from Secret Garden Tea Company – Tea Review

Ah yeah, let’s roll out the Christmas themed teas! Let’s start off with Secret Garden Tea Company’s Christmas Spice Tea. This tea seller is from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, hurray my hometown! Dry Leaf Christmas Spice goes with the angle of the holidays being of cranberries – lots of plump dried cranberries in this tea with a strong spice scent. Upon looking at the ingredients list, this tea contains black tea, citrus peel, almonds, vanilla bean, clove, rose petals, and cardamom. Steeping Instructions I went with my default western style steeping method for black tea – boiling water, 10 oz mug, … Continue reading, hoot!

The Tea Spot Connoisseur Collection – Tea Review

Today’s tea review is of a collection of fancy teas! The Tea Spot Connoisseur Collection contains samples of four luxury teas – Organic Black Pearls, Golden Pu’er, 88th Night (shincha), and Organic Silver Needle White. This collection is quite interesting as you get a wide range of teas from pu’er to white, rarely do you see pu’er thrown in a collection like this. The Connoisseur Collection is true to the name as it is an expert line up of teas. The Tea Spot also sells the teas individually. The Tea Spot Connoisseur Collection comes in a set of four little tea tins. Looking on their site, you … Continue reading, hoot!

Spumoni Green Tea and Mexican Hot Chocolate from A Quarter to Tea – Tea Review

More A Quarter to Tea teas! Not too long ago I was sent four teas. I reviewed the more autumn teas eariler and here is the rest. Let’s get to it! Spumoni Green Tea YES SPUMONI! I’ve suggested to many tea sellers to make a spumoni tea. Spumoni is one of my favorite ice creams. There is a restuarant I regularly went to in Vancouver, The Spaghetti Factory, and the end of every meal is the delicious spumoni ice cream. Spumoni seems to vary, but usually it is pistachio with a mix of usually chocolate, vanilla or cherry. A Quarter to Tea’s … Continue reading, hoot!