Golden Honeydew Rooibos from Lupicia – Tea Review

Today’s tea review is a popular tea from Lupicia – Golden Honeydew rooibos! Golden Honeydew is a California honeydew melon scented, green rooibos tea with marigold petals. I believe this tea is a San Francisco exclusive tea, as it was available for us non San Fran folk online only during special promotions. However, at the time of writing this, it is available without mention of it being limited time availability. I heard from many people this is one of the best Lupicia teas, so I had purchased it with my last Lupicia order. My Golden Honeydew rooibos came in the special … Continue reading, hoot!

Jiaogulan Dragon Pearls from M&K’s Tea Co – Tea Review

Today’s review is a tea from a new tea seller! M&K’s Tea Co, located in California! Today is also a really neat tea review – Roasted Jiaogulan Dragon Pearls. This is a herbal caffeine free tea harvested from Pingli, Shaanxi China in 2014. I wanted to try this tea so badly – any tea rolled into pearls is an adventure to steep! The name of this tea sounds familiar to me, I’m guessing I saw this tea in the tea isle of Asian grocery stores. M&K’s Tea Co has good information on the tea, but I decided to google search it some more.  With a quick google … Continue reading, hoot!

Kerikeri Tea Honeybush Chai – Tea Review

When my mother in law was in New Calendonia last year, she brought me back tea! Interesting tea at that – KeriKeri Tea Honeybush Chai. What makes KeriKeri Tea organic’s Honeybush Chai unique is the ingredients – Organic honeybush, whole cloves, cardamon, ginger, cinnamon flakes and native New Zealand horopito pepper. That sounds spicy! Before I look up what horopito pepper tastes like, let’s sample the tea! Dry Leaf It is really hard to say something interesting about rooibos and honeybush leaves as it looks like wood chunks. So yeah, the dry leaf looks like wood bits in red, cream and dark … Continue reading, hoot!

Hawaiian Mamaki Tea from Mama-kii – Oolong Owl Tea Review

Yes, Hawaiian Tea Time! Well, technically caffeine free tisane time. Let’s try out a Hawaiian Mamaki Tea sold by Mama-kii! I ran into Mama-kii at the World Tea Expo this year and this is where I first learned about mamaki tea. I love trying new teas! Mamaki is native to Hawaii and has been consumed for centuries by Hawaiians. Mama-kii‘s mamaki tea is grown on a state certified mamaki plantation. The growing conditions for mamaki is amazing with fertile volcanic soil, rainfall water and high elevation of 2,000 to 6,000 feet. The leaves are gigantic too! WHOA! Dry leaf Mama-kii‘s Hawaiian Mamaki Tea is … Continue reading, hoot!

Spicely Tea Infused Chocolates and Chai Rooibos – Oolong Owl Tea Review

TEA INFUSED CHOCOLATE! Yes! As a tea lover I am down with the tea + chocolate idea. Spicely, a California based company, has a big line up of spices, herbs, extracts, teas and now chocolates! Many of their products are at stores like Whole Foods, but they also have their own Boutique in San Francisco. You may also order their products online. I got a bunch of samples from Spicely at the World Tea Expo – tea and chocolates! I guess I wouldn’t of mind some spices too. My spice collection is also out of control (like my tea, yarn and nail polish collections). … Continue reading, hoot!

Shooting Starfruit and Watermelon Mint from DAVIDsTea – Oolong Owl Tea Review

This summer, DAVIDsTea, has mostly fruity herbals in the exclusive summer collection. I did a DAVIDsTea order last week as part of the customary 3 free samples they send, 2 of my samples were from their new 2014 Summer tea line up! The Summer collection will be released tomorrow, May 7th! With that said, here is a quick review of Shooting Starfruit and Watermelon Mint. Since it is a sample size, I only get one shot at the teas. I decided to prepare them both iced, perfect for summer. Both teas I prepared as per the instructions on the package, but with … Continue reading, hoot!

Flirt with Me from Steep City Teas – Oolong Owl Tea Review

Flirt With Me is a green rooibos tea blended with mango, papaya, orange, passion fruit pieces and rose petals. This exotic fruity blend is from Steep City Teas, Florida based tea seller. Yay, a caffeine free tea! I’ve been dropping the ball on reviewing rooibos and herbals these days – I always want to drink these teas at night, but I run into lighting issues for blog photos. Steep City Teas has some great teas (if you follow my blog for awhile, I have a love affair with Steep City Teas’ Blushing Geisha), so I’m excited to review another of their teas! … Continue reading, hoot!

Organic Herbal Blue Tea from BlueChai – Oolong Owl Tea Review

BlueChai is a caffeine free, organic herbal  butterfly pea flowers tea sold by These flowers are harvested in Northern Thailand. I ordered a free sample of BlueChai, I didn’t look much into what this tea was. A spicy tea? Though, it is confusing that “chai” can also just mean “tea”. Once I got the package, on the label, it states “pea flowers”. I’ve never had pea flower tea, so trying this tea will be fun! Dry Leaf Really pretty, chunky, big leafed blue flowers with yellow centers, dressed with the odd green stem and leaf. Not much scent to these flowers. … Continue reading, hoot!

Goji Pop from DAVIDsTea – Oolong Owl Tea Review

Goji Pop is a herbal tea blend of apple, goji berries, hibiscus, roships, and honeydew. This caffeine free tea is from DAVIDsTea. Goji Pop is an Oolong Owl favorite. I’ve must of purchased this tea about 4 times now. I tried a sample of it and WOW very good! I then promptly bought a 100g tin worth and have been refilling it every since. Annoyingly, my local DAVIDsTea was always sold out of this tea, so I’ve bought it online most of the time. Dry Leaf Very chunky appearance. Lumps of apple, goji berries, and hibiscus that have petals stuck … Continue reading, hoot!

Kuwacha Sencha – Mulberry Leaf from Kesennuma Kuwacha Eitoku via Yunomi – Tea Review

Kuwacha Sencha – Mulberry leaf tea is from supplier Kuwacha Eitoku. I obtained this tea from from the August Tea Samplers Club. Mulberry leaf? I never heard of this tea! I’ve had mulberries in tea, which taste very sweet and honey like, but not the leaves and definitely not as the main ingredient. According to the information I got with my tea, the processing of this tea is the same as sencha, and as we see later, so is the steeping method. Out of the three teas in this month’s Tea Samplers Club, this Kuwacha Sencha – Mulberry leaf … Continue reading, hoot!