August Simple Loose Leaf Selection Club – Tea Review

It’s August! For me August means as busy month as I will be overwhelmed with pomegranates from my tree and my tea hating husband’s birthday! Also, with a new month I get another Simple Loose Leaf Selection Tea Club box! I got to say, Simple Loose Leaf has great timing on shipments as I tend to get my box on the first or second business day of the month! If you are new to Simple Loose Leaf, Each month you get to choose from a selection of 5 teas. You may also select the option of sampling all 5 teas, or … Continue reading, hoot!

Zen Tea Traders – Oolong Owl Tea Review

One of the first booths I encountered at the World Tea Expo 2014 was Zen Tea Traders, who were super nice. Zen Tea Traders has some interesting blends, as well as some solid classic unflavored teas. Today I have Earl Grey Tahitian Blend and Peachy Peony. The teas I’m sampling came in tea bags, but Zen Tea Traders sells the tea in loose leaf. We also have a guest Oolong Owl assistant – Amigurumi Critter Fox! Tasting of Zen Tea Traders’ Earl Grey Tahitian Blend Earl Grey Tahitian Blend dry leaf has a bergamont zesty goodness scent and interestingly I can also smell a sweet creamy finish. The steeping instructions … Continue reading, hoot!

Lemon French Macaron White Tea from Butiki Teas – Oolong Owl Tea Review

Lemon French Macaron White Tea is a white indian tea tea with almond slivers, amaranth, calendula and vegan organic natural flavoring. This tea is blended and sold by Butiki Teas, online tea seller in New Jersey, USA. I love lemon desserts – lemon pound cake, lemon bars, lemon cookies and lemon meringue pie! I haven’t had a lemon macaron though, but I imagine they are delicious! All the times I’ve had macarons I get suckered by crazy colours, so I’d get pistachio green or strawberry pink. There is an interesting story to Lemon French Macaron White Tea – Butiki Teas … Continue reading, hoot!

Cockatiel’s Tea from Pelican Tea – Oolong Owl Tea Review

Cockatiel’s Tea is a white peony tea infused with habanero peppers, blended with freshly dried ginger. This tea is blended and sold by Pelican Tea, online US seller of spicy teas. More habanero infused tea! Time for more spicy burning tea love! Previously on Oolong Owl, I reviewed Pelican Teas’ Tentacle Tea, on the spicy end of medium heat. Today’s tea, Cockatiel’s Tea is rated as “mild” with only 1 hot pepper on the packaging. Of course, from the previous tea, these are spicy food lovers terms of heat. Boy do I need some hot food right now to add some pep … Continue reading, hoot!

Purple Peach White tea from Steep City Teas – Oolong Owl Tea Review

Purple Peach is a white bai mu dan (aka white peony) tea with blue mallow flowers and natural peach flavoring. This tea blend is from Steep City Teas, US based tea seller. I do tend to use lots of blues and teals with Oolong Owl, but not so secret with my friends and loved ones, I love the colour purple. I buy so many purple knicknacks and jewelry. I have so much purple yarn! While making my last Steep City Teas order, I already had a white peach tea blend and but I saw Purple Peach white tea as was “Oooh, purple. Buy!” … Continue reading, hoot!

Fleury Doux Champagne Tea from Art of Tea – Oolong Owl Tea Review

Fleury Doux Champagne is an organic white peony and ceylon black tea blend with rose petals and muscatel grape flavor. This fancy tea blend is sold by Art of Tea, US tea seller. This is one of those tea blends I couldn’t pass up. Something about mixing teas, like white + black or green + black I find fun to try. The teas combined are on different levels, requiring different treatments, how do they make the blend work without it being over steeped? Why do they need to add the second tea? Ah, tea blender fun that I’m happy to … Continue reading, hoot!

White Night from Mandala Tea – Oolong Owl Tea Review

White Night Tea is a white tea sold by Mandala Tea, an Oolong Owl favorite US based tea seller. Tea peeps – this tea, White Night Tea, is processed in a certain way, encouraging it to age. With that said, in a few years, this white will become a black tea! SUPER HOOTY COOL! Mandala Tea has so many cool teas! Let’s jump right into tasting White Night tea with a new Tea Owl, Formal Night Tea Owl! Dry Leaf White Night tea has a pretty interesting dry leaf – it’s big, open leaf with some fuzzy hairs. Some of the leaves are silver, some black. The … Continue reading, hoot!

Pineapple Cilantro Cream White Tea from Butiki Teas – Oolong Owl Tea Review

Pineapple Cilantro Cream is a Bai Mu Dan white tea blend. This unique tea is made by Butiki Teas, US online seller of loose leaf teas. Hmm. I do like pineapple, but cilantro? I do buy cilantro often, but mostly as a vegetable offering for my bunny. Cilantro in tea? Odd, but Oolong Owl is always up for a tea adventure! Butiki Teas does really good blends – but also their Flowery Pineapple Oolong is exceptionally delicious. I figured Pineapple Cilantro Cream White tea should be good as well. Mini Green Owl has joined us for this tea review. I really need to make … Continue reading, hoot!

White Peony from Mandala Tea – Oolong Owl Tea Review

White Peony is a 2013 supreme grade white tea. This Yunnan Province grown tea is sold by Mandala Tea, online seller of loose leaf teas. White Peony is also known as Bai Mu Dan, or sometimes written in English as Pai Mu Tan. I do love Mandala Tea‘s goodies. They have amazing pu’er, and a mind blowing milk oolong. How about their white teas? I received this tea as a surprise sample with my order. Actually, this tea blew me away with its appearance alone! This tea is flat out beautiful! No need for tea owls, I’m going to let the tea leaves speak for themselves. Dry … Continue reading, hoot!

Lemon Rose White tea from Whittard of Chelsea

Lemon Rose White tea features Silver Tips White tea, Green Tea, Peony Petals, and Lemongrass. This tea is from Whittard of Chelsea. From what I can tell, I only see Lemon and Rose White tea listed on the UK side of the site and not the US side. Actually, all the interesting blends are on the UK shop side – I hope they bring those teas to their US shop! I always have a lemon green or white tea on hand – they make great iced teas! I also enjoy a lemon tea when I’m sick – I can doctor … Continue reading, hoot!