Bitterleaf Teas’ Guanyang Baimudan Set feat 2018 Wander Through the Garden and Venture Into The Woods White Tea

I could not resist buying Bitterleaf Tea’s Fuding Experience: Guanyang Baimudan Set. In this set is a pair of 2018 Baimudan (White Peony grade) White teas from a small area in Fuding. Wander Through the Garden white tea is from a tea garden, whereas Venture Into the Woods is from tea trees left to their own devices. My only hesitation here is 2018 white tea I consider in an awkward phase of being stale but not old enough to show aged notes. However, this set is perfect to let age and continue to comparison taste. It is too bad I… Continue reading, hoot!

2020 April White2Tea Club feat. Mao Jian and Emerald Buds Green Tea

It is no secret, I dislike green tea that doesn’t come in powdered form. There is something about green tea’s grassy taste and chill energy that doesn’t settle well with me. White2Tea has a tea club month that is green tea and with covid scramble, I decided it was too much hassle to arranged this month to be skipped, so here I am drinking it before I ship it to a friend. Both green teas I used 1g to 20ml leaf to vessel ratio. I usually go 1g/30ml for greens but I’m feeling spicy today. The handout said to steep… Continue reading, hoot!

2019 Shan Lin Xi Bai Mu Dan White Tea from Wang Family Tea

I purchased two bags of this Taiwanese Shan Lin Xi white tea at the 2019 Seattle Northwest Tea Festival from Wang Family Tea. As said in the name of this tea, it is from Shan Lin Xi, and if I remember correctly, Qing Xin cultivar in Bai Mu Dan style. High Mountain Shan Lin Xi with Qing Xin cultivar is one of my favorite oolongs, so I was hooty giddy to get my hands on this white tea. Each bag had a different hand-painted art so I was able to pick the ones I like the most. Leaf and Steeping… Continue reading, hoot!

Comparison Tasting of Masu Wild Style Black Tea from Old Ways Tea

I have a mound of Old Ways Tea packets tempting me every time I look at it, but I also have the urge to hoard my treasure. After sorting through, I found a 3 year selection of Masu Wild Style Black tea. Storage wise, I left these packets in coolish room temperature. Is aged black teas a thing? Sort of, maybe unintentionally. I know some who dislike black tea that’s over a year old. Generally, I find pressed black teas really get good after a year. I’ve had some of my unintentional aged blacks from 2014 to 2016 and all… Continue reading, hoot!

Sunday Tea Hoots 41 – Back on Tea Caffeine

I successfully cut out caffeine leading up to major surgery so I didn’t have to go through additional withdrawal pain. Now that I’m in recovery for a few weeks I have been introducing tea back into my routine. After not having caffeine for weeks, I gotta say, holy hoots this stuff has so much energy! Backing up, I had an overnight stay in the hospital, so they had to feed me a number of awful meals. I was on a liquid diet as my guts were untested in not being glued together from endometriosis. They literally strained my cream of… Continue reading, hoot!

2020 March White2Tea Club feat. Yesheng Hongcha and 2003 Nuo Xiang Shou Brick

2020 March White2tea club includes an unusual black tea, Yesheng Hongcha Gushu, a sample of 2003 Nuo Xiang Shou Brick, and a daily drinker Golden Oolong. I’ll be reviewing the first two teas as I imagine my readers are more curious about those. The Yesheng black is a club exclusive tea whereas the Shou brick is not. Yesheng Hongcha Gushu from 2020 March White2tea club I had a laugh with the description of this tea is a hoarded stash. I can somewhat relate, but not in that quantity. The leaves have a strong fragrance of tart raisins and dried cherries… Continue reading, hoot!

Lo-Shan Hong Shui Oolong from Floating Leaves Tea

A few months back Floating Leaves Tea did a live stream tea tasting for their hong shui GABA oolong on their Facebook / Instagram. Prior to the live session, you can purchase the teas to drink with them – perfect for those not in Seattle or in quarantine. Floating Leaves Tea sent me the sampler, but I ended up drinking mine sometime later as I was sick. I then learned it is really hard to drink back to back multiple hong shuis, especially Floating Leaves Tea’s hong shuis, as they have high body feels. Either way, from that blind tasting… Continue reading, hoot!

Oolong Owl’s Tea Caffeine Cutting Tips

In a previous post, I discussed how I am a tea junkie that drinks potentially problematic amounts of tea, and how I cut caffeine for an upcoming surgery without losing my mind. Yeah yeah, you can drink down to less caffeine but WTF else is there to drink when the tea is your life? What will I gongfu?!?!? Make it Count If you are going to have only a single caffeinated tea or two a day, make it count. Drink your favorite teas as well as your fancy pants leaf. Bust out the $1+ a gram teas, you earned it!… Continue reading, hoot!

How a Tea Addict Cut Caffeine

It would be no surprise to hear that I am a heavy caffeine tea addict. Nearly every morning I have a matcha, then I have a grandpa tea session before lunch. In the afternoon until my cut off at 5pm (so I can actually sleep), I’ll have at least one, sometimes up to four gongfu small sessions. My body is used to a monthly tea bender from tea festivals, expos, and tea parties that I’ll drink 4-6+ tea drunk gongfu session or drink tea nearly nonstop all day up to 9pm. In 2019 my average gram per day tea consumption… Continue reading, hoot!

2019 White Mountain Taiwanese Old Growth White Tea from Mountain Stream Teas

Mountain Stream Teas carries some unique teas. Today’s tea their 2019 White Mountain Taiwanese Old Growth White Tea. It is the same material as their Taiwanese sheng (which I have reviewed already) but this time is processed as white tea. I believe I got the purple leaf varietal as I preordered this tea the next day of their newsletter announcement. After some time, the tea arrived, I promptly forgot about it and left it in the ziplock baggie it came in for months. I was reminded again when I was contacted by Mountain Stream Tea that someone got mold on… Continue reading, hoot!