2020 Webpunk 2.0 from Moychay

The most requested shou review – Moychay’s Webpunk shou puer! Why is this the most requested shou review? The wrapper art is so nuts, everyone is curious how Webpunk tastes. This is the 2020 Webpunk 2.0, made of 2019 Menghai area material, pressed in 2020. The first tea to put Moychay on my radar was the first Webpunk with a similar meme vomit wrapper. Webpunk’s wrapper is so crazy, I show it to non-tea people to hurt their brains! Leaf and Steeping Method Immediately, this wrapper was removed and set aside for framing purposes. If I leave it on the… Continue reading, hoot!

Hojicha and Genmai Matcha from Japanese Green Tea Co

Back in my early tea obsessed beginnings before Oolong Owl, I would frequently purchase hojicha and genmaicha lace with matcha. Lately, the colder weather has me craving roasted teas, but also I need my caffeine kick. That said, today I have Hojicha and Genmai Matcha from Japanese Tea Co to drink! Use coupon code oolongowl for 10% off your Japanese Green Tea Co order! Hojicha from Japanese Green Tea Co This hojicha is grown in sugar cane soil, then charcoal roasted. The leaf smells like toasted to crisp peanuts. I used 3 grams in 250ml/1cup, 175F/80c water, steeped for 2… Continue reading, hoot!

Old Ways Tea Club – 2020 October

The first ever Old Ways Tea Club box! This tea subscription is every two months, started in 2020 October. Old Ways Tea says on average each box will have 125 grams of tea, priced at $45, including shipping. Primarily, the Old Ways Tea club will be oolong and black teas. The 2020 October club box has 185 grams of tea, all oolongs. I actually quite like this 2 month tea club model as I got plenty of time to drink these and not get swamped. 2015 Da Hong Pao Of all the teas in the club, 2015 Da Hong Pao… Continue reading, hoot!

August 2020 White2tea Club feat. Lapsang Souchong Collection

The August 2020 White2tea club is a sampling of their entire line of Lapsang Souchong (Zhengshan Xiaozhong). These big sample clubs take either one horribly over caffeinated day or a couple of days to drink for me, so I just sampled the black teas that weren’t the traditional or traditional smoked. For all teas, I went with gongfu style with boiling water in a fast pour glazed teapot. I used a ratio of 1gram of leaf per 15ml of vessel size. Fruit Bomb Lapsang from White2Tea My favorite Lapsang from last year! Fruit Bomb Lapsang smells like dried cherries and… Continue reading, hoot!

Zheng Si Long 2018 Xiang Chun Lin Sheng Puer from Tea Encounter

My sample of Tea Encounter’s Zheng Si Long 2018 Xiang Chun Lin has been in my stash for almost 2 years as it was buried by my insane collection. This sheng puer spring gushu old tree material from the Yiwu area. Leaf and Steeping Method 2018 Xiang Chun Lin’s leaves have a honey sappy scent. After an infusion, the leaves smell of honey and steamed leafy greens with a shot of floral perfume. Tasting of Tea Encounter’s Zheng Si Long 2018 Xiang Chun Lin Sheng Puer First and Second Infusion: 2018 Xiang Chun Lin has a densely thick texture, like… Continue reading, hoot!

2019 Gu Shu Yin Ya White Tea From Moychay

I got a treat of a tea today – Moychay’s 2019 Gu Shu Yin Ya White tea. This 100 gram silver needle cake is from the Jinggu region and gushu (old tree) material. Leaf and Steeping Method Hot hoots, this cake is gorgeous! Gu Shu Yin Ya is also one of the best smelling white teas out of all of Moychay ones I have. The scent is a heavy heady floral bouquet to make my nose itch. I went with my usual white tea gongfu ratio of 1 gram of leaf per 20ml of vessel size, infused in boiling water.… Continue reading, hoot!

July 2020 White2tea Club feat. Gelanghe White, 2020 Demon Slayer, and Daily Jin Jun Mei

For the July 2020 White2tea Club we have an exclusive pressed white tea, and samples of 2020 Demon Slayer sheng puer and Daily Jin Jun Mei Black tea. 2020 Gelanghe Sun Dried White Tea This 100g cake is exclusive to the White2tea club. Oooo a waffle cake! The Gelanghe cake has a sweet golden raisin scent. Each full-sized square clocked in around 4g. The compression is wicked tight, just snapping off pieces was a bit tricky. I used 1 gram of leaf per 20ml of vessel size, steeped in boiling water, gongfu style. I did a long rinse and this… Continue reading, hoot!

Traditional Oxidation Dong Ding Oolong from Tillerman Tea

The tea for today is Tillerman Tea’s 2020 Spring Traditional Oxidation Dong Ding. This is a Qing Xin cultivar, 35% oxidized, unroasted oolong by the grower Chen Kuan Lin. Leaf and Steeping Method Holy Hoots, big leaves! Traditional Oxidation Dong Ding leaf smells lightly like tulips and lemon drop candies. I used 1 gram of leaf per 15ml of vessel size, gongfu steeped in boiling water. After a rinse, the leaves smell like fresh laundry and floral. Tasting of Tillerman Tea’s 2020 Spring Traditional Oxidation Dong Ding Oolong First, Second, and Third Infusion: Tillerman Tea’s Traditional Oxidation Dong Ding brews… Continue reading, hoot!

2020 Spring Shan Lin Xi High Mountain Oolong from Floating Leaves Tea

Typically every tea season Floating Leaves Tea does blind tastings with all the new High Mountain oolongs. This year obviously group tastings cannot be a thing. A number of my friends reported Floating Leaves Tea’s 2020 Spring Shan Lin Xi was amazing this year, so I went in on 2oz. It was an easy sell as I tend to prefer Shan Lin Xi out of all the High Mountain oolongs. Leaf and Steeping Method The leaves smell creamy and buttery with a slight vegetal scent. I used 1 gram of leaf per 15ml, gongfu style with boiling water. Floating Leaves… Continue reading, hoot!

2019 Lao Chahu Shou Puer from Moychay

On the tea table is Moychay’s 2019 Lao Chahu shou puer. This shou material is of 2017 tips, twisted, and thin leaves from Myanmar (formerly Burma), then pressed in 2019. Before I get into the tea, Moychay has been highly requested to be featured on Oolong Owl for their cool wrapper art, large selection, fair prices, and Russian mystique. They contacted me first and sent me a lot of tea try. They ship out of Moscow, and with their express delivery, it took only 7 days to get to Seattle! Leaf and Steeping Method 2019 Lao Chahu’s leaves have a… Continue reading, hoot!