March 2016 White2Tea Club

march 2016 white2tea club - oolong owl (10)

Let’s transport back a month to review the March 2016 White2Tea Club! The teas included for the month of March: 2011 Aged White Tea Fuding and 2009 Yiwu Raw Puer, 50 gram samples each and both available for purchase. I’d say White2tea was pretty generous this month with the sizes. Both teas are entering middle age, so this is a tasting of teas we can snag now at a decent price as the same tea a bit older is much more money. Both teas would be great for further aging. 2009 Yiwu Raw Puer from the March 2016 White2tea Club … Continue reading, hoot!

February 2016 White2tea club – Tea Review

white2tea february 2016 club - oolong owl (15)

I know, it is mid March, so I got this tea a month ago. Unfortunately, the February club arrived late, despite the club shipping them early to avoid Lunar New Year. Then I went out of town, got sick and now I’m moving. I will not be 2 months late! For February 2016 we got a pair of 2005 teas – 2005 Aged White Tea Zhenghe and 2005 Teji Tuo Sheng Pu’er, a total of 125 grams of tea. 2005 Teji Tuo Sheng – February 2016 White2tea club I was warned that the 2005 Teji Tuo is super potent. Some people … Continue reading, hoot!

January 2016 White2Tea Club featuring 2015 Old Reliable Ripe Pu’er

Jan 2016 White2tea Club - Oolong Owl (7)

Starting the new year with a bang, White2tea got a bunch of new shous. However, being in the White2Tea club scored us a whole cake of the new 2015 Old Reliable Ripe Pu’er. Also in this month’s club is a 2008 Shou Mei sample. If you are wondering about the “love letter”, it is a coupon code for! White2Tea’s 2015 Old Reliable Ripe Pu’er 2015 Old Reliable Ripe Pu’er is a 200gram cake. The wrapper is really cool! The cake has a light woodsy scent. I trust White2tea will have this cake smelling good, no funky times. Steeping Instructions I made this shou pu’er … Continue reading, hoot!

2000 Fu Ding Bai Cha Aged White Tea Brick – Tea Review

2000 fu ding bai cha aged white tea - oolong owl tea review (2)

My 2000 Fu Ding Bai Cha Aged White Tea Brick was my winning purchase from my trip home to Vancouver back in August at The Chinese Tea Shop. The price of this tea is on the high side for me (despite it being a big brick) but having to been able to drink it and enjoy it greatly, leading me to buy the entire brick. I hauled my brick to Alaska and returned home, taking off the wrapper and letting it sit until I felt like it was the best day to drink it. Aged white tea is something I’ve come … Continue reading, hoot!

The Tea Spot Connoisseur Collection – Tea Review

Today’s tea review is of a collection of fancy teas! The Tea Spot Connoisseur Collection contains samples of four luxury teas – Organic Black Pearls, Golden Pu’er, 88th Night (shincha), and Organic Silver Needle White. This collection is quite interesting as you get a wide range of teas from pu’er to white, rarely do you see pu’er thrown in a collection like this. The Connoisseur Collection is true to the name as it is an expert line up of teas. The Tea Spot also sells the teas individually. The Tea Spot Connoisseur Collection comes in a set of four little tea tins. Looking on their site, you … Continue reading, hoot!

Billimalai and Chamraj Nilgiri White from The Tea Shelf – Tea Review

The Tea Shelf sent me a bunch of different Indian teas and I saw this as a great opportunity to compare the two white teas they carry at this time. The similarities are they are both white, Indian nilgiri and 2015 winter flush teas. Dry Leaf First and on the left of all photos is Billimalai Nilgiri White. This tea is from the Billimalai tea estate. The dry leaf is more colorful with a range of olives and golds with an almost smokey scent. Second, and on the right is Chamraj Nilgiri White, from the largest Nilgiri tea factory Chamraj. … Continue reading, hoot!

Shang Tea – Tea Review

Today we will be checking out two teas from Shang Tea! I’ve heard of Shang Tea before, and have been recommended to them a few times for excellent white teas. For sampling today I have Jasmine Snow Dragon and Cinnamon Wu-Long. By the way, Shang Tea will be at the Midwest Tea Festival on June 6th 2015 in Kansas City, MO! Tasting of Shang Tea’s Jasmine Snow Dragon and Cinnamon Wu-Long Jasmine Snow Dragon The dry leaf is fuzzy with a heavy jasmine scent. I got this sample in February/March is it is certainly the 2014 batch. Sadly I only … Continue reading, hoot!

52 Teas Reboot and Review

There is a 52 Teas Kickstarter going on right now and it’s going to fund! Only a few days left! If you love tea blends you really need to check out The 52Teas Reboot Kickstarter! Let’s get’em stretch goals! I’m really excited for Lime Jello Salad Green tea and that Maple Cheesecake Tie Guan Yin! I’ve done a number of 52Teas reviews, all really fun blends. A trend I noticed, even though the flavors can be adventurous, the tea is still the center piece. They release a new tea blend every week, occasionally reblending some. I always recommend getting on the … Continue reading, hoot!

August Simple Loose Leaf Selection Club – Tea Review

It’s August! For me August means as busy month as I will be overwhelmed with pomegranates from my tree and my tea hating husband’s birthday! Also, with a new month I get another Simple Loose Leaf Selection Tea Club box! I got to say, Simple Loose Leaf has great timing on shipments as I tend to get my box on the first or second business day of the month! If you are new to Simple Loose Leaf, Each month you get to choose from a selection of 5 teas. You may also select the option of sampling all 5 teas, or … Continue reading, hoot!

Zen Tea Traders – Oolong Owl Tea Review

One of the first booths I encountered at the World Tea Expo 2014 was Zen Tea Traders, who were super nice. Zen Tea Traders has some interesting blends, as well as some solid classic unflavored teas. Today I have Earl Grey Tahitian Blend and Peachy Peony. The teas I’m sampling came in tea bags, but Zen Tea Traders sells the tea in loose leaf. We also have a guest Oolong Owl assistant – Amigurumi Critter Fox! Tasting of Zen Tea Traders’ Earl Grey Tahitian Blend Earl Grey Tahitian Blend dry leaf has a bergamont zesty goodness scent and interestingly I can also smell a sweet creamy finish. The steeping instructions … Continue reading, hoot!